Are you feeling anxious, stressed out or depressed?  Are you struggling with self-esteem, perfectionism or body image issues? Are you grieving a loss? Are you avoiding the things you used to love doing? Is your mood or your mental health starting to affect your daily life?  Do you want to start feeling better?  I can help you reduce your struggles and feel like yourself again.  


Let me tell you about strategies and techniques that can help you feel better.  Book a FREE consultation today! 

Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy Session with Sonya       $130/hour +HST

(50 mins)

Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy Session with Sammi     $110/hour + HST 

(50 mins)

Completion of Forms                                                                            $35 + HST per 15 minutes  

                                                                                                                   (Please note: minimum charge $35)             



Are you stressed out or overwhelmed by your school work, job, or daily life? Do you feel burnt out? Have you lost your motivation?  Do you miss deadlines, struggle with time management, or have difficulty with organization? Do you suffer from test anxiety?  Do you have ADD, a learning disability or a mental health concern?  Are any of these issues impacting your grades or work performance?  Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing works? Let me teach you strategies and provide you with counselling to help you with your struggles and become more productive.  Book a free consultation today! 

Individual Learning Strategies Session       $130/hour +HST

(50 mins)


Group #1 

Ghosting Anxiety: Taking Control!  Anxiety Support Group -Back by popular demand

Learn practical coping strategies to help you manage your anxiety, including mindfulness and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

Group #2

Coping During Covid: Student, Stress & Self-Care

Are you struggling due to isolation, the lockdowns or the stress fo online schooling? Don't struggle on your own.  We can help.  Join an online support group to help you cope during Covid.

Group #3

Acknowledging ADHD and Kicking its A*#! 

Are you struggling due to ADHD? Want to learn how do reduce procrastination, increase motivation and get stuff done? Join this group to learn new coping strategies and have a group to help keep you accountable.  

Group Counselling         $67 + HST per session for 8 weeks 

(1 hour 20 mins)              Want to save money on therapy? Try out group counselling!

Contact us for more information about any of these groups.  Most extended health plans provide coverage for group counselling, if you have coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist.  


Do you want to meet other RPs, who are qualifying or just starting in private practice?  Are you looking to save money on supervision? Join a group supervision session, with three to six individuals! Create a support network, so you don’t feel so alone.  According to the CRPO guidelines, you can do 50% of your supervision in groups.  I provide in-person group supervision in Barrie, Ontario and online supervision via secure video.

Group Supervision Session               $95 + HST per person

(1 hour 50 mins)

Group supervision Session                $75 + HST per person

(1 hour 20 mins)

New group starting in April 2021            Wednesday's 6:30-8:00pm for 8 weeks

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Individual Supervision

Looking for a supervisor?  Are you a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) or  Registered Psychotherapist (working towards independent practice) with CRPO? I provide in-person supervision in Barrie, Ontario and online supervision through secure video.

Individual Supervision Session        $130 + HST 

(50 minute session)

Dyadic Supervision Session              $80 + HST per person

(50 minute session)

Completion of Forms                      $35 + HST per 15 minutes

                                                             (Please note: minimum charge of $35)

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