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Frequently Asked Questions

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Counseling Group

Questions About Counselling

We would be happy to answer any other questions during a FREE 15 minute consultation.


What can I expect during my FREE phone consultation?

There is no need to be nervous. We will ask you some questions, tell you about our practice and give you a chance to ask questions. The questions are straight forward and we will guide you by asking different questions, if you are not sure how to answer.


What is Virtual Counselling?


We only offer virtual counselling and we are able to work with people across Ontario. Virtual counselling are sessions which are offered by video or phone. Virtual sessions are as effective as in-person counselling and they are much more convenient. No need to worry about trying to find time travel to your appointment, figure out transit or find parking. Enjoy the comforts of doing your appointments from home. You can even do the appointment in your pajamas or while sitting in your bed.

What can I expect during my first counselling appointment?

It is normal to feel anxious before your first counselling appointment. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable. We do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your first session. You will complete some paperwork including an intake form and a confidentiality agreement. We will talk about the reason why you booked the appointment and what you want me to help with. We will explore the goals you have for therapy and how you want your life to change. You will learn tangible strategies to help with your issue during the first session. The session will be 45-50 minutes in length.


What type of payment do you accept?


Payment is accepted by credit card. A credit card is required to hold your counselling appointment and will be kept on your file. The card will be charged at the beginnin of each of your appointments. Virtual counselling is Virtual counselling is very convenient, it saves you, time and you can do it from any place where you can have privacy. You can choose whether you would like to do counselling by phone or by secure video. Either method is fine with us and you can switch back and forth between the methods for each appointment, if you want. If you want to try video counselling, all you have to do is click on the link in an email, which we send you.

Is therapy covered by my insurance company?

Every insurance company is different. You will need to call your insurance company to ask if you have coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). We will provide you a receipt after each session, in case you require it for insurance or tax purposes.


What if I have to reschedule or cancel my appointment?


We require 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, otherwise you will be charged the full fee for your appointment. The fee for missed appointments will be charged to your credit card on file. If you are able to give me more notice, it would be greatly appreciated, so that others who are waiting for therapy can access the time slot.

How many counselling sessions will I need?

Most people need between 6-12 appointments. If you decide to book with me, we will book 6 appointments to start. After the six appointments you can decide if you want to continue therapy or if you are happy with the progress you have made.


Do you still have questions?

We would be happy to answer them email or during a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Questions About Supervision

Still Have Questions?

We would be happy to answer them email or during a FREE 15 minute consultation.


I only need a limited amount of supervision right now because I don’t have many clients yet.  Do you offer a flexible supervision schedule? 

Yes. I will work with you to determine a supervision schedule which meets your needs and we will create a supervision contract. As an RP (Q), the CRPO standards state that you are required to have one hour of supervision for every 4-5 direct client contact hours. As an RP who requires supervision, you are required to have one hour of supervision per ten hours of direct client contact. This might mean we meet once per month or we might meet twice per week, depending on your needs.


I want to receive supervision in a couple of different areas of expertise.  Can I have more than one supervisor?


Yes. I can provide supervision for you in my areas of expertise. If you would like supervision in additional areas, I encourage you to work with another supervisor and me. This will allow you to gain more supervision hours in order to work towards being an RP sooner.

I am interested in both group supervision and individual supervision.  How do I choose which type of supervision is best for me? 

Why not engage in both types of supervision at the same time? According to the CRPO standards at least 50% of supervision hours can be completed through individual or dyadic supervision. The other 50% of supervision can be group supervision.


What type of payment do you accept for supervision?

Payment in the form an e-transfer is required at the beginning of each session.


Is therapy covered by my insurance company?

I would be happy to answer them by email or during a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

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